Stop the Spread of Covid-19

Stop the Spread of Covid-19

Maid Brigade Is Doing Their Part To Help Stop The Spread Of COVID-19

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Exclusively from Maid Brigade!

We know you’ve seen the news. Coronavirus is spreading rapidly. While there’s no known antivirus or treatment, we can help prevent the spread of coronavirus and other viruses that can make you sick!

Maid Brigade has introduced a new technology called PUREmist® which offers an EPA registered hospital-grade disinfectant using a hand-held electrostatic sprayer. The electrostatic technology allows the disinfectant to bond to areas that are unreachable by traditional pump sprayers and eliminates the need to wipe away remaining liquid after correct dwell time has occurred.

By allowing the product to dwell and then air dry, the disinfectant remains in place until the surface is touched again. PUREmist can disinfect kitchens, bathrooms and living areas with special emphasis on high touch areas such as computers, keyboards, remotes, light switches, handles, knobs and more.

Unlike bleach and other disinfecting chemicals, PUREmist is safe to use in the home around children, pets and plants. PUREmist is effective at killing blood-borne pathogens, Herpes, Polio, Norovirus, MRSA and many animal pathogens. It is effective at preventing the flu, human coronavirus, and other viruses which spread easily.

PUREmist Disinfects The Following:

Currently there are no EPA registered products specifically for disinfection of COVID-19 due to it being a novel virus. However, the CDC recommends that products known to be effective to kill the human coronavirus, such as PURTABS be utilized at this time. *

We realize this is an uncertain time for everyone’s health, but rest assured, we at Maid Brigade are doing all we can to help stop the spread of these germs one cleaning at a time!

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